Domestic Window Cleaning

For domestic customers we offer a professional, friendly, reliable and most important, a service provided by people you can trust in and around your property. Fact proved by all our regular customers and they are happy to give you best recommendation in your area.

The quality of the service is aimed to be second to none!

The cycle, how often:

For regular customers we offer window cleaning every 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks. After 12 weeks a service can be called anything but not regular. The cycle depends very much about the specifics of the area or even the streets and of course the architecture of the building itself. Houses on streets with heavy traffic need cleaning more often, especially the front.

We offer one off window cleaning as well with best chances to keep you for years as a regular customer in the future identifying your window cleaning needs with a correct pricing.

The tools and the way to clean:

A. We use traditional cleaning tools, sleeve & squeegee and ladders to reach them, with success and no injury or any damage till nowadays. We clean all your window frames and sills as standard. We do have more than 1 cloth to work with all day! We cannot understand why many people let their window cleaner to rush around their house with 1 or 2 dirty clothes to wipe the glass and no frames whatsoever. Maybe they seek cheap price and what they get is cheap rushed service for sure. Shop around and you could be surprised. We offer reasonable pricing for a perfect service.

B. We use high reach and wash with pure water window cleaning system, no ladders, following the latest innovations on the field and aligning to the latest health and safety standards. This method is using just water, no chemicals whatsoever. Simple tap water from mains is forced to run through a set of filters till all impurities and solids are removed. The water resulted is so called pure water, it has 0ppm. The filtration process is done at our base and the pure water is carried by our vans to your property ready to reach height till 70ft from the ground running through hoses, special pole and brush. The core system is Pro5 by Ionic Systems, the world leader in water fed pole technology.

Using this technique all the frames and sills are not just cleaned, they are washed and cleaned! The glass is rinsed one more time with pure water and left to dry naturally. Because the water is pure, do not leave any smears or marks. What you will get is even better and definitely cleaner than by hand.

This way we are able to clean windows even in bad weather, with showers or light rain with the same outcome as in sunny weather.

Your window cleaner stays at the safety of the ground and could enjoy a longer, happy life.

C. Both type of tools and methods combined, depending of the difficulty to reach, or the customer preferences.

When do we come to clean your windows?

We use specially designated management software for this business and we know exactly when you reached your due date to clean the windows again. Only the weather can put us on delay, and then we have to pick it up from where we left it with the list.

All we need is to set up everything with you from the beginning and from then is a true maintenance service which runs smooth. If any update occurs just let us know and we will work out together the solution.

    We offer many types of appointments for the service:
  • Anytime – when you reached your due date your windows will be cleaned with no notice, you’ll receive a note in our special envelope with instructions. We need access to the property.
  • Anytime by notice – when you reached your due date we’ll call you or text you the day before or max 3 days before to prepare. We need access to the property, even if you are not at home and we’ll leave and envelope with a note and instructions. You could leave a side gate or door unbolted that morning. We’ll lock it when leaving.
  • By appointment only – this is our speciality - when you reached your due date we’ll call you or text you the day before or max 3 days before to prepare. Somebody has to be home to let us in and around the property.
  • By appointment only – in far advance – for big properties which takes all day of cleaning or for special occasions no matter what about the weather.


We have a reasonable pricing policy for today’s Greater London market what we cover. We charge about the type of the building, type of windows, difficulty to reach, type of appointment needed, costs like parking and Congestion Charge and the area of course.

Whenever we are around cleaning windows, covering your area, we could pop in for a FREE quote.

    Ways to pay for the service
  • • Cash upon completion of the job
  • • By cheque upon completion of the job
  • • By cheque sent by post in the envelope provided
  • • By bank transfer (ask for account details)
  • • In advance especially if you travel a lot or have a busy life

100% Guarantee and insurance

If you feel that the windows were not 100% clean & clear or the service was not up to our standards do not be shy, contact us within 24hrs from our visit and we’ll go back to correct it free of charge.

We are insured to clean your windows. If anything went wrong or got damaged please get in touch within 24hrs from our visit. We are proud that, at the time of writing this we had no complaints or claims whatsoever.

Flexibility and customer services

Whenever you have to update your details, the circumstances change in your life or about the property, you can contact us at any time to discuss. If you have any question or need other services please contact us.

Finally: The weather

In this business reliability is very important. We do our best in our share, but thanks to the beauties of the English weather, it may cause some headaches. We love to clean windows, we do not like the rainy days, but we have to clean windows in rainy weather too. Why? It’s simple. Imagine a month with 2 or 3 weeks of bad weather and 1 week of sunshine. We cannot delay 3 weeks of jobs and clean the windows for everybody in 1 week. Of course a heavy rain is a no go, but with some showers or periods of light rain we can deal.

An advantage about using the water fed pole system is the same result in any weather condition. Unpolluted rain is like pure water, if they mix together you will get still sparkling clean windows when they dry.

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